Nancy "Penny" Schwartz Student Travel Grant

This award honors Penny Schwartz, who was active in the ASA Women's Caucus and at her death, left us a sum of money. Penny did not specify its purpose but her friends, recognizing her interest in students, created this fund. The intent is to help students who participate in the ASA annual meeting (by giving a paper, for example) to attend the meeting by contributing to their travel expenses. Any woman who is a student in an African country or in the U.S. may apply. 


This year's committee members are:


Dr. Abosede George, Associate Professor, Chair

History and Africana Studies

Barnard College – Columbia University

New York, New York


Dr. Lynda Day, Professor

Department of Africana Studies

Brooklyn College

Brooklyn, New York 


Dr. Laura S. Grillo, Affiliated Faculty

History of Religions
Georgetown University

Washington, D.C.


Dr. Ruth Opara, Visiting Assistant Professor

Music Department

Skidmore College 

Saratoga Springs, NY


Dr. Mary Osirim, Provost

Department of Sociology

Bryn Mawr College

Bryn Mawr, Pennsylvania


Submit your application to the chair of the committee by September 30, 2020.