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Advice for Members on the Job Market, in Non-Tenure Track Positions, and Undergoing Review

  • In this moment, it is imperative that all members grow and work their professional networks. Work your network. Lean on people you know you can trust and/or who are outside your institution to talk through strategies and decisions. If you don't know where to begin in finding mentors, look into scholarly associations and their mentorship programs, such as those supported by the African Feminist Initiative and the Coordinating Council for Women in History.

  • Seek out campus advocates and support. Does your school have a dean for diversity and inclusion? An office for faculty or graduate student development? Make connections with trusted senior faculty outside of your department.

  • Mentors within and outside your institution can help you fine-tune and tailor a wide range of documents that are instrumental to building and safeguarding your career, including cover letters, book proposals, annual reviews, promotion and tenure files, and Covid-impact statements. Feedback from trusted colleagues within your institution is especially important for personnel reviews.

  • Seek communal and emotional support. This will look different for everyone but be assured that none of us are carrying these loads on our own. Now it is more vital than ever to invest in practices, spaces, and people who renew and heal.



Best practices for writing your Covid impact statement

Institutional guidelines for Covid impact reporting and reviewers

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